No refunds will be given for labor services rendered. Refunds may be issued for parts if the parts can be returned to the vendor that sold them to us.

We here at Rocky Mountain Expert Computer Services would like to make something very clear:

We will NEVER recommend any product for financial gain. All product recommendations we make are because we’ve either used the products or know a great deal about said product. We pride ourselves on our objectivity. Some of the links on our site may contain referral codes, however, despite this, these are products we trust. We may have business relationships with said companies. All this being said, we strive to make the best recommendations possible for your particular situation and will give all options, including free as well as premium options.

Viruses, spyware and the like can be difficult to remove. While every effort will be made to salvage data, in some cases, it may be irrecoverable. No guarantees will be made for data safety as a result of infection. We highly recommend setting up a backup service from us to minimize data loss.

In-home repairs are billed by the hour starting when we get there and rounded up to the nearest hour. Every effort will be made to expedite the repair, however unexpected issues may arise and the repair can take longer than estimated. Regardless if work is preformed, all in-home service is billed for a minimum of one hour. Cancellation of an in-home appointment requires at least 2 hours notice or one hour will be billed.

Parts under $100 do NOT have to be paid for in advance and will be listed on your invoice. Parts over $100 will require the full amount to be paid before the part is ordered and will be listed on your invoice.

In general, we are available by phone 24/7 with limited availably in the early morning hours (we have to sleep too). Service appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis.