It’s probably the number one thing I hear over and over again when I ask the following question: “What kind of computer do you have?” “Windows 7”. Yes, I know that Windows 7 is prominently displayed on the front of most desktops, and near the keyboard on most laptops. But that is the operating system contained within, not the type of computer you have. It usually takes a little interrogation but then the next sinkhole is “Well, it says Dell”. Then I have to ask “A Dell what?” That is like saying you have a Honda, it really doesn’t tell me much. The following hurdle involves Desktop or Laptop which is usually easy. But the final one (the actual model) seems to be the hardest. I don’t care who you have (Dell, HP, IBM) the model is prominently displayed on the front. So before you call one of the big companies for tech support, it helps to know what you have. With us here at RMECS, while we don’t NEED to know what you have before we show up, it really helps.


Some possibilities:


  • Thinkbook
  • IdeaCentre



  • Pavillion
  • Envy



  • Inspiron
  • XPS



  • Presario
So please, learn what you have and you’ll spend far less time on the phone.

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