I’m sure you hear it every day: “Follow us on Twitter” “Like us on Facebook”. Heck, even us here at RMECS do it. But why are companies embracing social media. And do people really care about a company’s twitter and Facebook posts?

The short answer is that, with a few exceptions, no, most people don’t care about updates that a company makes? Why should I care that the auto repair place down the street has a Facebook page? Usually, they run promotions and such for social media, but honestly it usually isn’t anything special. Companies try to get followers on Facebook in a kind of grudge match pitting company on company. They want their message to spread like wildfire. And on twitter, it’s even worse. There are actually applications out there that will just follow whoever in hopes that you reciprocate and follow back thus boosting that (sarcastic remark) all important number of followers.

 Now I can appreciate a company like, apple for example having a high number of followers. Apple has a loyal fan base and I know that “Joe’s Garage” down the street probably has some loyal customers as well. My issue is that the follower numbers should be genuine, but they aren’t. It’s all a numbers game and it seems that it’s all that matters. Success in social media is all about numbers, and I think that’s just plain wrong. It should be about merit.

In the end, Twitter and Facebook are big popularity contents, with the number of followers being meaningless. Twitter is infested with follow and re-tweet bots, and Facebook is not much better. I suppose in the end, all that matters is the connection an individual makes with a company or business.

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