In this day and age, we all have laptops. They go with us everywhere, but it still shocks me when I see people mistreating their device, and then get shocked when it stops working. As a tech, I’ve seen it all, but here are some of the top reasons behind some of the repairs I’ve encountered in my career


 Dropping your laptop

  • Just because your laptop has a fancy roll cage is no excuse to drop it. I certainly hope NO ONE drops laptops on purpose (except testers that is). But some of us toss our laptops on to beds and couches and the like, drop it on desks, or put it in a backpack or briefcase and don’t gingerly set it on the ground. Shock on a laptop shouldn’t affect it TOO much if it is off. However, if you have a old style (and most do) hard drive with spinning platters, sudden shock can damage it. Dropping laptops from height might also drive screws and components into other components, crack plastic and generally make the system look worn


  • Heat damages electronics. This is why laptops have vents all over them. There isn’t a lot of room for heat to escape to begin with. Yet some leave laptops on the bed. The fabric from the sheets blocks intake vents to bring in cold air, and blocks exhaust vents to get rid of hot air. The result, a hot laptop. If the bottom of your laptop feels warm, consider getting a cooling pad. If you get burned after using your laptop for extended periods, make sure that the vents aren’t being blocked. Extended heat damage can fry components, peel paint and generally hurt the laptop.


  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink around your computer (heck even I do), but one must be careful. If your laptop is on a desk, never let the container of liquid pass over the laptop. If you are in bed, put the laptop down, take a drink and pick the laptop back up. This also goes without saying (again, I hope you never do this) that you never compute in the rain. If you are using your laptop outside and it’s raining, close the lid and get it out of the rain. One or two drops shouldn’t hurt, but get it safe ASAP. Certainly don’t use it around the pool or hot tub.
Personally, I rely on my laptop for a lot of things in my life (I’m writing this post on it right now). If you want your laptop to last (and I’ve had mine since 2006), you need to treat it as if it were an infant. Be kind to it, and it will reciprocate. Abuse it, and it’ll need surgery.






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