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So you are standing in your local AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint store and are in the market for one of those new smart phones or tablets. Which one is best? Well.. that depends on your preferences. I’m sure you’ve seen TVĀ advertisementsĀ for the iPhone/iPad. It’s kind of hard not to see them. Android is often advertised as well. But which one is best?

Mobile Operating Systems Comparison

Apple iOS

Pros: Simple and easy to use. Very large app store.

Cons: Restrictive OS. Makes you a hostage to the iTunes store. Restrictive app store.


Android OS

Pros: Open OS. Lots of innovative apps. No restrictions on the app store

Cons: Viruses and Malware


WebOS/Palm OS

Pros: Simple and easy. Great integration with Palm Pre 3

Cons: Defunct platform. HP is trying to ditch that division


Blackberry OS

Pros: Super compatible with other blackberry devices

Cons: not as large of an app store as apple or android


Windows 7 Mobile

Pros: Very open OS.

Cons: Limited number of devices.


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