In this day and age. we have quite a few ways to get our media. This week, I’ll outline a few ways it can be done.



This method involves the internet. The movies and shows you choose to watch are not actually stored anywhere in your home or buisness. Instead, you download them on the fly or stream them to whatever device is watching them.

Some examples are:

Media server:

This involves a specialized computer in your home, usually connected to a television on which you can store media files. The media server can be accessed by a variety of devices. In addition the server (depending on what operating system you go with) can poll from other computers to consolidate your media all in one place. For example, you can share your family photo folder on your laptop, and the server can access said network share and display the files on your TV.

  • Windows media center (pre-installed with windows 7)
  • Various linux distros specifically designed for this purpose (this one is far to complex to delve into here)
  • iTunes and AppleTV (


Remember the old days when you had to go down to Blockbuster (now part of Echostar) and bring a movie home? Gone are those days. They have been replaced with Kiosks and digital music services.

So which of these is the better option? That really depends on you. For the basic user, renting and streaming might be the way to go. For the intermediate user, perhaps streaming. For the advanced user, streaming and media servers. Really though it depends on your internet connection, how much you are willing to spend and how many movies you watch per month.
Am I wrong? Have another suggestion? Leave your comments below.

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