During a recent hacker convention, Pwn2Own, hackers were awarded by hacking or compromising the most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safai, Firefox and Chrome.

Hacker were successful in hacking Safari and Internet Explorer on day one.  A French security company was able to hack Safari in under five seconds even after Apple released a last minute patch to thwart the effort. The group was able to keep the MacBook air they received to do the hack as well as a hefty $15,000.

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IE8 Was successfully hacked by its first hacker, no surprise. The hacker was awarded $15,000. The hacker from Harmon Security used three different vulnerabilities to avoid protected mode and bypass ASLR and DEP.

The prize to hack Google’s Chrome browser was set at $20,000.  Even with one of the largest prizes, not a single hacker attempted it. Only two hackers registered, the first was a no show and the second fore-fitted without trying, in order to focus on a more realistic hack he was working on with a BlackBerry.

It goes to show that Chrome is not only fast, but it is also secure!

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