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I know it seems tedious, but if the recent heartbleed bug taught us anything it is that if you use the same password everywhere, all it takes is one of the sites to get compromised and they are all compromised.

I do have a solution though, but how far you take it is up to you.

1) use a password manager

Sites like allow you to install a plugin into your browser. When you visit a new site and login, it will save it. If you sign up for a new site, it can generate a password for you. These are all stored in a safe place. Each one is different. The only thing is you need to make sure you keep it up to date and if you ever do not have it, you can’t get into your sites.

2) have tiered passwords

This is the method I use (although I use lastpass to save them). Basically, I have several passwords.

I have one that I call my throw away password. I use this on obscure sites and places I honestly don’t care about.

Next I have a password for social media. This password has slight variations between sites. While this isn’t my method, let’s say my password was Password. For facebook, my password would be FacebookPassword. For Twitter it would be TwitterPassword. Each password is different, and each is easy to remember. You could also use this for shipping sites as well. AmazonPassword and such.

Next I have critical functions, in these cases, each password is different and unique. Banking is my most critical so my various banks have different passwords

If you are curious how secure your password is, try this site:

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