I know it can be difficult to see messages like the above and not immediately call. However, while we here at RMECS are also tech support you call, don’t EVER call the numbers you get in a popup. They will claim anything under the sun to get your credit card number and won’t do anything until they charge your credit card. We here at RMECS do phone support 100% free (within reason) and are legitimate. These people will claim you have viruses that don’t exist.

Here are some red flags that will tell you you are listening to a scammer

  • They open event viewer and tell you there are viruses
  • They open cmd.exe and execute the Tree command
  • They run the netstat command and use it as proof

I am not saying that all tech support via the internet is a scam, but get a second opinion before you spend your money. Or better yet, don’t spend any money and call us instead

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