It happens every day. We all use usernames and passwords to access all kinds of systems. From banking, to timecards, to facebook, and tons of others. But what constitutes a good password? How often should I change it? And how many should I have?
First and foremost, good passwords are a must. Every web site has different requirements for a password, but in general. A password should at LEAST contain: one capital letter, one lower case letter, one number and one symbol (ie: Password1!)

Ideally, you also want to avoid the following:

  • Dictionary words
  • Dates of importance to you (ie: your birthday or social security number)
  • Passwords that are the same as your user name

Additionally, you should use unique passwords across multiple web sites, or at the very least, have one you use most places, and then for CRITICAL SITES (banks and such) use different passwords for each one. For example, if your ebay account is compromised, having paypal be the same password means the attacker has access to that too. Low level things like forums can all be the same password, but ideally, EVERY password should be different.
So now that you have a zillion different passwords, how do you keep track of them all. One of the best pieces of software is keypass

Download Keypass

It’s simple and keeps all your usernames and passwords safe and secure. It’s free too (which is always a plus). There are other options out there as well, but I personally use KeyPass both at home and at work.



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