If you are like a large portion of internet users, you have email address all over the place. Either inadvertently but signing up for things like windows live or google, or with work, school and personal. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could unifiy all of those email addresses in one place while still keeping the functionality and address of each? Personally, I have:

  • One work email
  • Two RMECS emails
  • Four Personal Web site emails
  • One Gmail Account
  • One Hotmail Account
  • (and I’m sure there are ones I’ve created but don’t check)


There are desktop solutions you could use such as Thunderbird, but that means you are tethered to one computer and unable to use this newfound intergration if you aren’t at it. I present to you an elegant, yet simple solution, Gmail.


It surprised me to know how many computer techs didn’t know you could have Google check your mail from any server that uses POP3 and respond to emails as if you were using that server. Google has a limit of 5 additional email addresses and I personally exceed that limit, but I’m crazy that way.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Gather all usernames/passwords and server information for emails you’d like to check

Step 2: Log into your gmail account, or sign up for one

Step 3: In the upper right, click on the gear and then choose mail settings

Step 4: Chose the “Accounts and Import” tab

Step 5: Click on Add POP3 email account.

Step 6: Type your email address you’d like to view in Gmail in the box that just appeared then hit next step.

Step 7: It may find the settings for you automatically, but otherwise, enter the server settings, username and password. You may also want to click the check box for label incoming messages then hit next step.

Step 8: Choose: “Yes, I want to be able to send mail as <email address>” then hit next step.

Step 9: Verify your name is correct then hit next.

Step 10: If you know outgoing server information, you can choose the second option here, otherwise choose the first and click next step.

Step 11: If you know outgoing information, it will ask you to input that here, otherwise it will have you verify you own the email address you entered (which doesn’t make sense as you have the password so you might as well own it)
Once you’ve done this, your email will start showing up in Gmail. Isn’t it nice to have one unified place to read your mail?




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