Name : Brandon

Alias : SmashBrando

Region : Fort Collins, Loveland

Experience : 12 Years of computer repair and troubleshooting, 7 Years of networking, 5 Years of Web Development. Experience includes 3 years and counting working at Hewlett Packard.

Expertise : PC (Desktop, Laptop), PC Building, Home Networking (Wired, Wireless, All Brands), WordPress Web Development, Web Shopping Cart Setup and Administration.

Bio : I am a Cisco CCNA tech and attended FRCC and CSU for a bachelors degree in computer science. A native to Fort Collins and just started raising a family here as well. Being an avid PC and console gamer, I was always tinkering with electronics and computers (hobbies and passions are the best careers). I also work at Hewlett Packard supporting customer with high end and high cost gaming computers. Besides my career and family life, I also play hockey and am a huge AV’s fan. If you have some great seats available, I might just trade work for tickets!

11th Street Media: Brandon has created as a WordPress Knowledge Base. This site is intended to be a WordPress resource for individuals and business and will cover everything from setup, to tools and plugins, to marketing and media. This site is both a project/example and a utility for novice WordPress users.

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