[Short] Should I buy an HP touchpad?

With all the buzz about HP selling it’s tablets at rock bottom prices, I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves if you should pick one up. Should you? Well that depends. Should I buy an HP touchpad? Tablets do … Continued

Anonymous: Facebook’s going down November 5

(Taken from: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-20090328-71/anonymous-facebooks-going-down-november-5/?tag=topStories2) The more Facebook seems to dominate the world, the closer it seems to be to its end. Earlier this year, there was dastardly nonsense being peddled that Facebook would shut down March 15. However, now we have news of … Continued

DOJ takes swipe at EFF over encryption passphrases

Taken from: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-20082180-281/doj-takes-swipe-at-eff-over-encryption-passphrases/ The U.S. Department of Justice took a thinly veiled swipe at an online civil liberties group that’s arguing a Colorado woman can’t be forced to decrypt her laptop for police inspection.   In a legal brief filed yesterday in what … Continued

Top 3 things you should never do with laptops

In this day and age, we all have laptops. They go with us everywhere, but it still shocks me when I see people mistreating their device, and then get shocked when it stops working. As a tech, I’ve seen it … Continued

Rent, Buy or Stream?

In this day and age. we have quite a few ways to get our media. This week, I’ll outline a few ways it can be done.   Streaming: This method involves the internet. The movies and shows you choose to … Continued

Your computer is not a Windows 7!

  It’s probably the number one thing I hear over and over again when I ask the following question: “What kind of computer do you have?” “Windows 7”. Yes, I know that Windows 7 is prominently displayed on the front of most … Continued

6th Colorado LANFest (September 17th – 18th 2011)

The Intel LanFest is comming back to Colorado. It is basically a computer gaming party of LAN party. Both Brandon and Jacob will be in attendance. Photos to come after.   Check it out here: http://lanfest.intel.com/?page=event&eventid=1722   So… Are you going?

Google Launches wdyl.com

  Google just launched a new website http://www.wdyl.com Basically, you type a search term into the box, and it will go out through all the Google services (maps, YouTube, search etc) and find anything relating to the topic, and display it all in … Continued

Are chromebooks for you?

You may or may not have heard about the new chromebooks. Basically, these are laptops that only run Google Chrome, a web browser. You turn them on, and you are presented with a web browser and off you go. No programs to … Continued

HDDs versus SSDs

Lately, you may have heard a term when people talk about computer hard drives, SSD or Solid State Drive. Think of these drives as bigger models of your existing flash drives, you know those things you plug into your USB … Continued

Operation Empire State Rebellion

Copied from: http://techland.time.com/2011/06/14/anonymous-levels-hacking-threat-against-federal-reserve/ The hacker collective calling itself “Anonymous” has promised some sort of action against the Federal Reserve today, according to the above video (posted to YouTube) which is apparently from members of Anonymous. The group is calling its impending … Continued

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

We all know about Microsoft Office. Since grade school, we’ve all dabbled in it at one time or another. Or we use it in the workplace. This is usually because Microsoft has an agreement with your school or business. But sometimes, … Continued

Keeping your life organized with synced calendars

We’ve all got appointments happening in our lives. Whether it be doctors or gym time, school plays or soccer practice, work or vacation, we all need to stay organized. Forget an appointment and you may lose that client your company … Continued