In this day and age, everyone is a target to be hacked. While you might not think of yourself as important, should you work for a company, you might be the springboard they need to break into that. At the very least, they can either use or sell your identity and open a few lines of credit in your name.

Therefore, you should never take the chance. There are a few things you can do to hinder anyone from getting access to your computer.

1) Put a password on your computer and, if possible, lock it when you aren’t using it. While unlikely in your home, it only takes a moment to compromise a system with a flash drive

2) Make sure you have antivirus installed and keep it up to date

3) NEVER leave your computer unlocked in a public place. Additionally, hotel rooms should be considered public.

4) Keep your computer up to date with security updates from Microsoft (or other companies if you don’t use windows)

5) Never open files from people you don’t know, even if the emails are from scary people (IRS and other such companies).

6) Try to only visit reputable sites. Trying to get something for free that is normally a paid service is hosted on sites with malware.

7) Advanced users: Create a virtual machine and browse unsafe sites there. If something happens, you can roll back.

These are just some ideas. If you would like to discuss additional ways to secure yourself or to see if you are doing a good job, feel free to hit us up. We’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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